12 December 2017

Gym Tonic, a senior-friendly strength-training that reverses frailty, extended to community-dwelling seniors

Lien Foundation’s study shows close to half of the 'frail' elderly on Gym Tonic improved  to become 'pre-frail'. This was the key findings of a study of 396 seniors from nursing homes and senior care facilities. One in four community-dwelling seniors improved from pre-frail to robust in the same study. Bolstered by the results, the Foundation is extending the programme into the community.  Community-dwelling seniors can access Gym Tonic from eight locations across Singapore.

From now till 14 February 2018, the Foundation is inviting seniors aged 65 years and above for free trials in a few selected sites. Interested participants may sign up at 


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Forget Us Not in Bishan East-Thomson

Bishan East-Thomson constituency joined the Forget Us Not movement to launch Singapore’s first dementia-friendly kopitiam. As part of its efforts to create a dementia-friendly community, the constituency will involves the grassroots organisations, neighbourhood merchants and schools in training and outreach activities.

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Long-term eldercare

Ms Radha Basu from the Lien Foundation, who authored the 2016’s study on nursing homes, contributed two commentaries on how to better improve long-term care in Singapore. In particular, she highlighted the need for greater data transparency and alternative funding options.

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Inclusive Art Sessions to bring children together

Superhero Me, which began as a ground-up inclusive arts movement conceived by the Lien Foundation, returns for its latest series of workshops that brings children of diverse needs together. 

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