Jade Circle

Conceived originally as a residential care model for people with dementia, Jade Circle, to be opened in 2019, will be much more than a pioneering nursing home. It will offer a suite of services from active ageing programmes and preventive care to rehabilitation and an onsite lifestyle club cum day activity centre.

An extension of The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home in Changi, the 22-bed Jade Circle will be the first residential care facility in Singapore to offer single or twin rooms to all residents, including those who receive Government subsidies. In another marked departure from norm, it will follow a restraint-free, anti-diaper policy as part of a new care model that stresses autonomy, choice and well-being. Caregivers will try to enable residents to regain their independence, where possible, and ensure that they remain active and engaged in meaningful activities for as long as they can. Jade Circle will also improve capabilities in dementia care through an on-site training centre and encourage innovations in eldercare through IT. A lifestyle club-cum day activity centre that can accommodate 120 seniors is also being built, where members can play arcade games that stimulate their cognitive abilities.

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