Second Beginnings

Second Beginnings is a book on architectural designs released in Feb 2018 that puts forward new ideas on how unused and underused spaces in land-scarce Singapore can be repurposed into thriving communities for seniors to lead active and engaged lives.

The 173-page book proposes 10 new types or “typologies” of spaces to enable seniors to pursue passions, initiate interest-based activities, exercise and, if needed, be cared for within the community. Nine are building and landscape designs while one is a retrofitted bus. Each is accompanied by suggestions of a few sites in Singapore where it could be located as well as similar case studies from overseas. The designs are loosely grouped into two categories: decentralised wellness/lifestyle and care centres and alternative residential living models such as assisted living facilities. Most involve repurposing existing buildings, infrastructure or spaces found in the city and help seniors find new purpose in life.

Press Release