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Our aim to foster excellence in Eldercare has grown to encompass mobilising community resources to fight frailty and dementia. We have also been championing improvements in long-term care, be it in nursing homes or in the community.

Genki Kaki Genki Kaki's 10-part series of short films and articles highlights the rich diversity of services for seniors in Japan – which has the world’s oldest population – and what fast ageing Singapore can learn from them.
Gym Tonic Gym Tonic is an evidence-based, strength training programme is specially designed for seniors and helps restore, maintain or improve physical functions. With more than 2,700 users since 2015, the programme is available at 27 locations island-wide.
Jade Circle Conceived originally as a residential care model for people with dementia, Jade Circle, to be opened in 2019, will be much more than a pioneering nursing home. It will offer a suite of services from active ageing programmes and preventive care to rehabilitation and an onsite lifestyle club cum day activity centre.
Forget Us Not Singapore’s first campaign to build a dementia-friendly community where as many people as possible – from the kopitiam stallholder, bus driver and cashier, to the bank teller, grassroots leader and the public at large – are trained to support people with dementia and help them lead active, engaged lives for as long as they can.
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