Healthy Early Life Moments in Singapore HELMS

Healthy Early Life Moments in Singapore (HELMS) is a new Model of Care (MOC) and Singapore’s first interventional study on women’s psychological well-being and metabolic health, with the aim of improving maternal and child health and wellbeing outcomes. The HELMS MOC will adopt an interactive and personalised approach to engage, support and guide women through the most crucial period of developmental opportunity from preconception, pregnancy and early post-natal life until the child reaches 18 months.

Over the course of five years, HELMS will enrol 500 overweight women aged 18-45 years planning for pregnancy, with an estimated 170 completing their pregnancies where they will be followed for another 18 months as mother-child dyad care. This MOC will optimise both Metabolic and Mental Health of women and their offspring through a novel range of lifestyle modifications and interventions, with the help of a digital platform complemented by a trained team of nurses and doctors.

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