Oasis at Outram

Established with a gift of S$2.47 million by the Foundation, HCA’s third Day Hospice leverages design thinking to shift the conventional caregiving model to a progressive one that aims to foster positive connections between patients and the wider community surrounding them such as family members, caregivers and volunteers. With unique and unprecedented hospice facilities such as an open bar, a ‘spalon’ for manicures, massages and haircuts, and community-led programmes, HCA and Lien Foundation hope to reframe the end-of-life stage in Singapore and internationally as a period of positivity, personal growth, and community support.

Oasis@Outram’s caregiving framework is anchored by the three ‘D’s – Dignity, Diversity, and Development. Respecting the dignity of patients is of utmost importance, with all aspects of care acknowledging qualities that make patients unique individuals. For example, patients have the autonomy to choose from a diverse range of activities and programmes at any given time when they are at Oasis@Outram. The caregiving framework also aims to facilitate the development and growth of patients, encouraging them to reflect and find meaning despite facing the end of life. The three ‘D’s philosophy is supported by the environment design of the hospice, which was done by the 2015 President’s Design Award recipient, Lekker Architects. Beyond functionality and safety, the aesthetically-pleasing design allows patients to derive pleasure from their surroundings and supports a model of care that values patients’ dignity. From the spatial configuration and environment set-up that respects the patients’ personal choice to move through and use the hospice’s space as they wish. The hospice has also developed key service rituals that are integrated into every aspect of the patient's experience from start to finish in collaboration with The Care Lab, an international design studio that looks to reimagine care through design. Led by the 2018 President’s Design Award recipient Lekshmy Parameswaran and László Herczeg, the team specially designed a service journey for Oasis@Outram that facilitates the patients’ development and growth, encouraging them to reflect and find meaning despite facing the end of life.

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