Vital Voices for Vital Years 2

With a national shift towards building a more inclusive society, there is a need to beef up competencies of all early childhood practitioners with the know-how and inclusive pedagogical practices to support children with special needs or from social disadvantaged backgrounds more effectively. We released Vital Voices 2 for Vital Years, a study to take stock of the early childhood sector and establish what more needs to be done

This report comes seven years after its predecessor, Vital Voices for Vital Years, published in 2012, found the quality of preschool services to be highly variable and called for more cohesive governance in the sector. Together with the Lien Foundation-commissioned Starting Well Index that ranked Singapore 29th out of 45 countries on the provision of preschool education that year, Vital Voices helped shine the spotlight on Singapore’s early childhood landscape and urged the state to do more. Vital Voices for Vital Years 2 is a three-way collaboration led by Prof Lasse Lipponen (Principal Investigator), a professor of education, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki; Prof Lynn Ang (Co-PI) Professor of Early Childhood in the Department of Learning and Leadership at University of College London Institute of Education, who authored the first Vital Voices for Vital Years; and Associate Prof Sirene Lim (Co-PI), Academic Lead, Early Childhood Education Programme, Singapore University of Social Sciences.

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University of Helsinki
UCL Institute of Education (IOE)
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